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Lily Evans

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[29 Aug 2003|06:37am]
I had a wonderful birthday! Thanks everyone!

And tomorrow I'm going to my sister's wedding. I asked Dumbledore if i could take some friends since it's on the weekend and he said I could take two. Anyone want to come?
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[25 Aug 2003|06:46am]
Today's my birthday! So I guess I can't have a bad Monday this week.
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[23 Aug 2003|12:37pm]
(OOC: Apparently they don't do school the way we do. It's just anybody born in that year, not a cut-off for Sept. 1st. So her b-day is 1960 instead of 59 then)

My Birthday is Monday! I'll be 17. I've seen some smirks passed between the girls so I'm a little afraid of what they're planning... but I bet it will be fun.

Oh and the Hogsmeade trip was delightful. Kallista, Emma, and I were able to get our.... supplies. WE were going to do it Monday but they said we should wait a day since it's my birthday. So Tuesday then! And then James found me and we had some butterbeers at the Three Broomsticks. After that we went for a walk. And I noticed that once again the Shrieking Shack wasn't owning up to its name. I really doubt there was anything up there at all. Maybe we can investigate.... Kallista, Emma, Adira? Sound good?

But... life isn't as perfect as it seems. There's even more deaths showing up in the Daily Prophet. They are all muggle-borns. And the Ministry is trying to go after Voldemort and they still haven't caught him. I'm a little worried, but I know we are safe here in Hogwarts. Well, I hope we are.
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(Edited to add common room thing and owls) [21 Jul 2003|11:17am]
[ mood | moody ]

Well the dreamless sleep helped. Somewhat. At least I'm not so tired that I could fall asleep while walking through the corridors. I had the dream again Last night and the nigh before, though.

And maybe that's why I've been so reserved. Kallista and Adira tried to drag me out of the dormitories but I protested saying I neded to sleep and finally they left. I didn't sleep though. I can't. Instead Ijust work on all the homework I have to make up. they've asked me abotu what happened. I haven't told them. Usually then I just go quiet and pretend I am sleeping.I've been able to sneak into the great hall at the end of dinner, or just sneak into the kitchen and grab a bite of food from the house elves. I just don't want to be around people right now.

But at the same time I miss everyone. I woke up Saturday in the hospital wing and noticed James was there before he noticed I was awake. So I pretended I was still asleep until Madame Pomfrey forced him out and made him go eat dinner. As soon as he left I crept into the dormitories. Him being there, waiting for me to wake up, made me smile, and I had half a mind to catch up with him and go eat dinner with everyone in the great hall. Have a little fun and be welcomed back. but the other half won over and I spent the time making up the work. Once everyone is asleep I go down into the common room, it's really the only time I do, and try and finish more work by the light of the fire. And I'm actually almost done. Probably just another day of working hard and it will all be made up.

And last night I snuck down to the common room to do some work and James was there. I think I might have given him the brush off a little. And I feel positively awful about that. I'm just shutting everyone out and I know I'll regret it. Maybe I should send out owls to everyone before I burn too many bridges.I really should have just told him what happened. At least that would have been talking to him. Instead of saying I had loads of work to do. *sighs*

Well you might ask how I kept up with being unsocial on a day of classes. Well, I just don't talk at all during class, hurry to the next one, and work on the mounds of work I have in the dormitories during breaks. I really do miss my friends. Tremendously. But right now... I just can't face them.I just need time to think.
Think about my parents. How they died, because of me. And when I do think about it it makes me want to stay away even more.
And then I think about that if the voldemort fellow had his way, most of my friends would probably be killed by him. Most of the Gryffindors, actually. Emma has a little bit of muggle blood in her, Adira is a half-blood, Kallista is a pureblood but hates the idea of purebloods being superior to all, same with James, Black, Remus, and their Pettigrew friend. So of course then I get angry over that and it ends up being one big moody mess. So I suppose until Kallista and Adira can finally drag me out of the dormitories, or someone else gets me to be more social, or I get myself to be more social, no one will see much of Lily Evans. Except for Rose. she's been staying in the dormitory more than she does with the rest of the owls lately. She really is a wonderful owl.

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(She had the dream early Wednesday morning, around 2. But I'M going to be dreaming myself then so I wrote it tonight :) ) [14 Jul 2003|11:47pm]
School had been going well. I still haven't been sleeping enough.

I fell asleep and started dreaming about the night my parents died. Mum and dad wanted to go see this show. They asked if I wanted to but I decided on not going. And I watched them leave the house. Then it became alll blurry and I was looking at these two men in cloaks. I couldn't see their faces at all. They were talking about how they were waiting for someone. and they would get all of the muggleborns. especially the ones who thought they were more superior then the purebloods. They said my last name. This one man, who was obviously the leader, spoke in a cold voice. The other reassured him that I was in the car and was coming that way. I was just one of the large list. Then I could hear a car coming. The second man raised up his wand and some of his sleeve fell back, and there was this tattoo on his arm. I saw the car and it was my parents. I screamed and watched as the man pointed his wand at the car and shouted "Avasa Kedavra" and a green light flashed out of his wand. The car swirved sharply to the right and the light hit the back of the car, it was like an explosion. then the car ran off the road and hit the tree dead on. The man walked over and told the leader it was a mistake. I wasn't there. He raised his arm and pointed it at the man and said, "Lord Voldemort doesn't allow mistakes" and then used the Avada Kedavra on him.

I woke up screaming. My parents weren't in a car accident. They were murdered. By that Voldemort. Because of me. I felt sick. I had promised Kallista that I would wake her up if i had another really bad dream so i did. But as soon as I did I ran to the lavatory and threw up. It was all my fault they died. It wasn't an accident. They were murdered. Because I was a muggle-born witch. I looked at my watch and it was 2 in the morning. There was no way I was going to get any sleep. So i finally decided to go to the hospital wing. Madame Pomfrey just couldn't believe I had come to see her earlier when I told her I hadn't had a real full night sleep in at least a month. She said That I needed at least 3 days of sleeping. So she's going to give me a sleeping draught. I asked for a dreamless one. I don't want to have any more dreams. Ever.

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[12 Jul 2003|10:47pm]
Well there are two things about me that are definitely not a secret anymore.

Everyone seems to know about me not being able to sleep much. I had the worst dream of all the other night though. It just.. seemed so real. I had come in after my nightly watch and I still had some homework. So I worked on it on the big couch in front of the fire. I was able to finish it so I studied for a little while and fell asleep. And the dream I had... It went from when I was little to when my parents died to their funeral... and then i was in the coffin and there were these two little boys... it was strange. I was screaming in my dream and when i woke up I realized I was still screaming. At first I couldn't even tell where I was. Did I mention this was all very strange? And I looked around and James was right next to me asking me all these questions. I finally calmed down and we got to talking. It wasn't like I was going to be able to fall asleep again anyways. We talked about my sleeping habits, my sister, how to deal witht he slytherins, him growing up a little...

Which brings me to the second thing that's not a secret. Lately, whenever he would come up to talk to me I would get little butterflies in my stomach and couldn't help but smile. And well, I told him that. So, long story short we kissed. Not exactly snogging since Sirius happened to walk in. After he did a good job of trying to embarrass us I went to bed. Not that I really slept. I started having that dream again so I woke up.

And Sirius, I don't even know if we're "officially an item". You sort of came in when we first kissed and hadn't talked about that yet.

And Petunia actually sent me a wedding invitation, by owl even, today. And the wedding is next month. I'm not a bridesmaid, that would be asking too much. But that might be a good thing. I'm sure the bridesmaid dresses will be awful. I'd rather just be out with everyone else and watch. Although it might be a little lonely, just me. I suppose we'll see.
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[08 Aug 2002|04:55pm]
Well Diagon Alley was fun. We met up with Kallista and Adira and shopped for a long time. And not just for school things. We ended up going to the dress rope shop and i bought some new robes. They really were better than my old ones.

And then there was the train ride. Emma and I got on the train earlier that the res of the girls so we could get to the prefect meeting. It went well, wasn't horribly boring. But I was handed some papers to assign prefect duties. And the Head Girl duties began. Potter hung back and helped me with the assigning. and you know, I was wrong about him. We had a nice conversation and he can be really sweet... when he wants to be. I could hear Bellatrix a few compartments down talking about muggle-borns. Oh joy.

It's so good to be back at Hogwarts. The sorting hat ceremony and the first dinner was just great. And it seems like the first years get smaller and smaller each year. *laughs* They were just amazed at everything. It's fun taking them back to Gryffindor tower each year. They think we're so old.

And I guess we are a little bit. Our LAST year! And then we can't be kids anymore. And there are NEWTs to look forward to. Right. Look forward to them. More like be up for nights at a time studying for them. But still.... last year! It's exciting.
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Back to Hogwarts [05 Aug 2002|08:39am]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Today Diagon Alley, tomorrow Hogwarts! It's so good to be getting back. Emma, her family, and I are going to spend the whole day in London. We're hoping we can meet up with Adira and Kallista. Then the quartet will be back together. As it should be. Its going to be a fun day. We'll be shopping most of the time. emma persuaded me into getting new dress robes. I don't think I NEED them but she really wants me to get these pretty emerald ones she saw. And mine are not quite as bold of a green anymore. and the green is what brings out my eyes and hair so I said I would go shopping with them. I sent a letter (not by owl because that would be a mess) to Petunia telling her I was leaving last week. She's in London so I'm sure it didn't take more than a day or two for it to get to her. And she hasn't written back. What a surprise.

Speaking of surprises I found out that Potter made Head Boy. And here I thought you had to be prefect. I guess it's just whoever Dumbledore sees fit. He's not the same toreag he was 2 years ago so I'm sure it will be all right. And I don't see what the big fuss is about it. I'm hearing it from EVERYONE that we'll be snogging in no time flat. No, we do remember that Potter and I have just gotten on speaking terms, don't we? Snogging seems a bit far-fetched. Emma and I talked about the whole ordeal last night and she seems to be on their side. Even told me to name the first child after her. *shakes head and laughs* So I keep saying "We'll see" and "who knows" so she'll get off my back about it. And how does she really even know if he even fancies me? I mean really. I've said that at the moment I don't think I really fancy anyone but what makes her think he fancies me? I think it's probably just a big fuss over nothing. And emma, I will never name a son Emmanuelle. Will just have to name a girl after you, but definitely not a boy. *laughs*

So Emma, I'm ready to go, are we leaving in the morning? And did you see if Adira and Kallista are meeting us?

Adira and Kallista, do try and find us! It'll be fun to shop around Daigon Alley with you two.

Remus - I'm sorry you didn't make Head boy. I really thought you would. I'll still see you at the prefect meeting, though. So see you then.

Black- I'm sorry I compared you to them. You know you are LOADS better than those divients. You four are mischevious while they are just evil.

Potter- Congratulations on making Head Boy. You'll have to come to the prefect meeting at the beggining of the train ride. And since we have to go I'm guessing thats when we'll get a list or something of what our duties are. I'll see you then.

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[03 Aug 2002|12:15pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

Well it's almost time for school again. How's my holiday been? Awful. I'm not used to being alone in the house. Midway through I went to Emma's. They've been really nice for letting me stay with them. I thought I could handle living in the house but... unfortunately not. I can't imagine not having my parents any longer. Let alone if I had never had them to begin with. I feel more grateful now.

I think Petunia is going to sell the house. She's getting married to that Dursley boy,well, he's not really a boy anymore is he? Point is he's already bought a house at Little Whigning. It seems like Vernon knows about me being a witch. I could tell by those awful glares he continued to send my way. Yes, I'm sure Petunia has told him all bout me... But still, she seems happy with him, so I'm happy for her.

I got an owl that said I made Head Girl. I was so happpy and immediately began writing an owl to mum and dad when I remembered... It's tough, but I'm sure I can make it through it. My friends have been so supportive and I really am looking forward to going back to Hogwarts. And getting to be Head Girl. I wonder who Head Boy is. Dumbledore seems to like Remus and his friends so I'm sure Remus will be Head Boy. After all he was prefect with me. Wouldn't that be something? Two Gryffindors as Head Boy and Girl. It's happened before but it is still something to be said. And we need this added happiness. It seems that Voldemort is gaining more power. And he wants to eliminate all muggle-borns in the wizarding community. This includes me, then. I'm becoming more and more wary of him. There is something, other than him despising muggle-borns, that is just not right about him. There are rumors that he's going to start killing, and some rumors that he already has.

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[02 Aug 2002|06:50pm]
Hey! We'll start once we get more characters. If you want to join just look at the userinfo and read up on what we're doing, and what the rules are. Then just comment me here, my lj, or email me. Doesn't really matter. We still have LOTS of characters open since I just started it today lol.

originals are welcome and if you make a non canon student just take the sorting hat test: i'm in gryffindor!

be sorted @ nimbo.net

And then post it in your journal (thanks rich for the idea)
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